Trivial Technologies: Landing

You have likely arrived here by clicking on a link found in a project's README. That link being there means that the project strives to be what we call a "Trivial Technology". Here is what that means.

Copyright law was created to ensure access and promote the propagation of the useful arts. However, nowadays, it does quite the opposite. A select few control every piece of technology that you use, and you must ask, as beggars, for things essential to you or your community to be added, fixed, or not removed. Because of copyright, you may not do the modifications yourself. When you may, it is likely cost-prohibitive to do so. Further, due to the centralization of the controlling parties, the risks become great: the select few hold your information, control how you may use their product, and even if they are to be sane now, they could be bought out at any moment, for all of that to change.

A Trivial Technology, instead, seeks to be the opposite. Trivial Technologies reject copyright, even as a vehicle for self-perpetuation. Trivial Technologies seek to not have any central owners, modifications, remixes are encouraged, and the original writer need not even know about your use. Trivial Technologies seek to be simple, so simple even someone not in the industry could, within a short time (2 days) understand the entirety of the technology, and thus gain the ability to change it according to their own designs.

In short, the project that linked you here is not its own. It belongs to all. It belongs to you. You should be able to understand it easily, and you should feel free to do whatever you wish with it, approved by the authors or not. It is knowledge, in its purest, emancipated form.