Trivial Technologies

Trivial Technology (TT) is a new way of doing FOSS, whose goal is to maximally empower the individual, by providing a stepping stone for whatever they may wish to build.

TT is Trivial. A beginner should be able to completely understand it in 2 days. A professional should grasp it in a rainy afternoon. It is not meant to be a plug-and-play black box that one does not open lest they contract some ancient curse.

TT is malleable. There are visible hooks for adding features and open points where one can extend functionality. It is not a feature pinata where one has to dance around implementation details.

TT is open. As much as possible, TT is offered with no strings attached and we mean it. It's licenced under the most permissive licences we can find (0BSD, Unlicence, CC0) and even that we see as a compromise. Nobody will frown at you for forking TT, there's nobody to ask for permission, there's no original author that has to be forever mentioned.

TT is your own. To find out more about how this came to be and what are the larger principles behind this movement, be sure to read our manifesto.